Advantages and Disadvantages of QuickBooks


Advantages and Disadvantages of QuickBooks


QuickBooks is the utmost renowned accounting application in the market today. Everyone knows that Intuit QuickBooks is quite famous for developing and designing flexible tax and accounting software that rationalizes complex tasks to unleash business productivity. But, it is also true that the desktop version of QuickBooks has some valid limitations, which make it hard for businesses to track the supportable growth.

The steadily developing market is all about mechanization, and QuickBooks desktop version somehow lacks in offering it. It is quite important to understand the proper needs of your business before you judge the software or application. As QuickBooks desktop is well-known for both of the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discover them to make better business decisions!

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Advantages of QuickBooks Desktop Version

  • QuickBooks customer support is user-friendly and also allow businesses to customize the software or application according to the current requirements.
  • The application or software has many in-built features that help businesses to track expenses and income in a smart way.
  • QuickBooks keep your business organized as it is the very easy-to-use dashboard.
  • An individual can manage payroll, generate invoices, and track changes without any hassle.

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Desktop Version

  • The desktop version of QuickBooks doesn’t provide multi-user accessibility due to which individuals cannot work in a co-operative environment.
  • The desktop version doesn’t have a stage for data storage.
  • Businesses have to rely on local storage that can lead to data loss circumstances.
  • There’s no support or professional guidance so businesses have to invest a lot of time in maintains work.
  • It also lacks in the industry-specific features such as automated insights, barcode scanning, and timely data backups.

In my estimation, businesses need to switch to the cloud-based QuickBooks Support in order to avail advanced features, enhanced security, and portability. The desktop version of QuickBooks when hosted to the cloud gains more advanced specifications including with the basic ones.

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