Easy Ways to create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online


Easy Ways to create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online


Do you want to create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online? Maintaining books of accounts for your business is very easy and quick with QuickBooks Accounting Software. The financial accounting tool offers a plethora of specifications that let you accomplish tasks efficiently and with no additional expense.

Here, we are
going to show you that how you can create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online
for your business and have your Balance Sheet checked exactly. You can also
share records or journal entries of transactions with other individuals who are
accredited. Have a look at QuickBooks journal entry example – a professional
accountant and staff/employee, who are given the privilege to access QuickBooks
by you.

In order to get happening with creating a journal entry in QuickBooks Online, consider:

  • A journal
    entry always contains Credit and Debit columns.
  • Profit and
    loss should be kept in the journal entries.
  • Accounting
    figures in the Debit column must always tally with Credit column.
  • Liabilities and
    assets must be maintained in journal entries.

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Some of the simple steps to create a journal entry
in QuickBooks Online

You can
create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online by following the steps that are
given below:

  • Open
    QuickBooks Online on your PC
  • Choose the
    Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.
  • Under other,
    choose the option of Journal Entry.
  • Enter the date of transaction in the Journal Date field.
  • You may opt
    to enter a journal number to help identify the transaction leave it blank or in
  • Enter any
    account listed in the Chart of Accounts, on the distribution line in the
    Accounts field.
  • Next, enter
    the transaction amount in the Credit and Debit columns, respectively.
  • You may opt
    to fill the Description field for the transaction or leave it blank. The
    description that you enter will appear on reports that display the details of
  • Ensure that
    entries on the Credit and Debit columns must tally. If, however, the columns do
    not tally, continue to enter distribution lines until the sum of entries in the
    Debit column equals the sum of entries in the Credit column.
  • You may opt
    to choose Make recurring to set a recurring journal entry schedule.
  • Click the
    Save button to save the changes you have made to create a journal entry in
    QuickBooks Online.

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