Steps To Fix Unrecoverable Error Of QuickBooks Accounting Software


Steps To Fix Unrecoverable Error Of QuickBooks Accounting Software


If you are running
a huge business, much of your life that is professional would be depending on
QuickBooks Pro 2011 version or its various other versions. QuickBooks
Accounting software is quite a versatile application which organizes all of
your expenses, monitors your flow of cash, builds invoices, and keeps you
completely tax compliant. And it does not end there, the application has a
separate set of multiple features catered especially to all the freelancers
that basically help them focus on their complete work without worrying about
managing transactions. Today, most of the houses of the business or
professionals all around the world, are using QuickBooks Accounting software to
take care of their financials.

But keeping all
this glory quite apart, QuickBooks Accounting software too is an application at
the end of the day and is completely prone to all the threats or errors as
other software application programs. It can get caught up in a lot of messy
errors that can often get too tough to handle by yourself. Take the case of the
QuickBooks Unrecoverable error in the 2010 or 2014 version for instance. A lot
of users of this otherwise user-friendly software program have been left
baffled by the QuickBooks Accounting software 2014 unrecoverable error. You can
also dial the QuickBooks auto data recovery customer care number that is
available on our website.

Steps To Resolve The QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error:-

1. Stop QuickBooks Accounting software from opening all windows at

One of the methods
that are most tried-and-tested of avoiding this issue is to stop the
application from opening all windows at the start-up of the computer system:

a. Press the Alt
key while double-clicking application icon of QuickBooks.

b. When the
computer system displays the prompt for the password of the user, release the
Alt key and type in your respective password.

c. Now, click OK,
and when the application launches, press again the Alt key.

d. Finally, release
the Alt.

Note: When the
application generally launches, remember to close all windows that are opened
or simply click on the option of Close all windows from within the application
before exiting.

2. Open a sample file:-

If you are still
unable to open your file of the company without facing the unrecoverable error,
try opening a sample file as follows:

a. Firstly, press
the Ctrl key while double-clicking the application icon of QuickBooks.

b. After that,
continue pressing the Ctrl key until the software application displays the No
Company Open.

c. Now, click on
Open a sample file.

d. Finally, select
one of the sample files and then open it.

Note: If the
software application prompts you to initiate a restore or an update operation,
click on OK button. If the sample file opens without any error message, the
file of the company that is throwing the error might be corrupted or damaged.

3. Copy the file of the company to your Desktop:-

Changing the
location of the file of the company that you wish to open is also an option you
could use. The reason why this solution actually works is the limitation on the
path of storage of the file. Perform the following below steps to change the
location of your file of QuickBooks:

a. Firstly, open the
folder in which your file of the company is located and use the option of
Locate to find the QBW file.

b. Copy and Paste
the file on Desktop of your computer system.

c. Launch
QuickBooks Accounting software while pressing the Ctrl key until the software application
displays the option of No Company Open.

d. Now, click on
Open, browse to the file you copied on Desktop and then click on Open.

Note: If this does
not work, the company file of QuickBooks Accounting software may be damaged.

4. Use the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery:-

Restore the file of
the company using the option of Auto Data Recovery.

If you have any
query regarding QuickBooks Accounting software, then you can contact the QuickBooks auto data recovery support or QuickBooks support.

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