The Top-Rated Cloud Hosting Services In 2019


The Top-Rated Cloud Hosting Services In 2019


Cloud hosting is the modern way the companies and businesses store their data and use it daily. There is no doubt that cloud hosting has a variety of advantages over conventional private servers. The resources are distributed across numerous devices, not just one. Modification of the plan or scheme is easy in cloud hosting compared to other servers. You can read about some of the best 2019 cloud hosting services.


This brand provides a wide range of services that integrate resources from reliable servers combined with max performance, scalability, and flexibility. The best package they offer is the flex variant, as it enables modification of cores, Storage, RAM. It adds many more servers, and the billing occurs only for the resources used per minute. Options such as windows hosting, choice of stack managed hosting come included in their plans.

Bytemark cloud

This is a UK based company that provides an in-house platform with the help of an open-source. You can easily configure the firewalls and backups. You can also configure the servers up to 180GB RAM, extend your CPU power up to 16 cores and get trustworthy archives for storage purposes. Their pricing is reasonable as they charge moderately for their services. You can install and manage MYSQL, PHP, to successfully configure the spam rules and backups.


If you are looking for managing your site efficiently, then you can scale it up to 7 or 8 cores. Get RAM up to 8GB with just some clicks away. Their business range cloud subscriptions include unlimited domains and private SSL with a devoted IP.


Their Thunderstack platform provides for the core performance requirements. Not only that you also get one-click cloning, restore and backup, collaboration tools for the team of developers, and an integrated Git. Their products are very simple to operate. They also facilitate a referral system where one can get hosting credits for free.

Digital Ocean

Many developers and system administrators have appreciated the flexibility of digital oceans. They provide highly flexible plans which facilitate performance supervision and alerts, along with automated back-ups of the system with snapshots.

If you have queries related to cloud hosting, then you can contact the cloud hosting support for further assistance.

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