What’s new in QuickBooks Online: March 2020


What’s new in QuickBooks Online: March 2020

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The popular accounting software has released its latest version in the market for the customers. The latest version of the accounting service has several new and exciting features for the users. There were various issues in the older version of the accounting software that needed to be addressed. Particularly the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery portion has been eliminated from various bugs that caused issues while working on the accounting software. The new version of the software promises with more effective QuickBooks Integration Service than its predecessors. Let us have a look at the refreshing new features offered with the latest edition. It will also be interesting to understand the impact of these features.

Check Cash flow on the Software 

Forget the tough calculation needed to realize the flow of cash of the business into the accounting software. The new version offers you to access the forecasting tool using which you can predict the flow of cash in the business organization for up to 3 months at a time. The cash flow tool also comes with the features using which a user can set aside amounts meant for fixed transactions such as the payment of salaries or the rent of the workspace including the taxes.

Get Bills attached in Receipt tab

The older version often led to confusion about the type of expense and the original receipt of the bills. The latest version offers the users to upload the bill and categorize it properly avoiding any sorts of confusion among the managing committee of the business. Moreover, a user can easily create payroll for new employees using the option of Payroll Only. This facilitates the easy management of the clients and the employees of the business organization. This leads to improved QuickBooks Integration Service for the organization. 

More Functions to Manage Bills

 Easy management of bills is always preferable to business organizations. Creating and editing multiple bills is now possible in the latest version with just a few clicks. This ensures easy forecasting of the financial condition of the business. Accountants can now easily copy and paste data from the usual spreadsheet which was not possible on the earlier version of the acing software.

Easy Import of Budget

The accounting software has always been popular for the smooth development of the budget. However, various business organizations rely on specific software application programs meant for the development of the budget. The latest version of the software takes this into consideration and so allows the user to simply upload the file instead of copying each and every line of data from the older version. This saves both the time and resources of the business organization. You can also use the uploaded file in any format to suit the bills and reports of the business organization. 

The security of data is also enhanced along with the services of the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery portion of the software. Hence, users should invest in the latest version of the accounting software.

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