How To Resolve QuickBooks Error TD 500?

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The application software program QuickBooks permits the use of various credit and debit cards for making business transactions. This proves helpful for the effective handling of the tasks of finance. The method of accessing a debit or credit card in the application software QuickBooks point of sale is simple and easy. The method is similar to making payments by cards like on any other digital platform. Unfortunately, at times when the customer is using a credit card, he has to face the error code TD500. The error code affects the QuickBooks payroll service causing issues among the employees of the business organization.The common reasons responsible for the occurrence of error code TD500 are internet connection of slow speed, outdated operating system in the device, etc. Hence a user should check for the speed of internet connectivity while trying to troubleshoot the issue. Customers can also avail of the help from the skilled team of QuickBooks integration service. This blog is to guide the users about the causes, symptoms, and a simple solution to the QuickBooks error code TD 500.

What Are The Common Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code TD 500?

There are multiple causes behind the occurrence of error TD 500 on the accounting software QuickBooks point of sale. The common one among them includes the following:

  1. Having a slow speed internet connection leading to interference in the processing of the application software QuickBooks.
  2. When the user enters incorrect details of the card causing an error in the process.
  3. Keeping an old or outdated edition of the application software QuickBooks may cause technical errors in card processing.
  4. The antivirus program may have been blocking the access of the accounting software causing the error code TD 500 on the screen of the user.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error Code TD 500?

The users may face either one or multiple symptoms of the error code TD 500 on the device.

The common one experienced by the user are as follows:

1. The screen is flashed with the message ‘QuickBooks error TD 500’.

2. Users may have to face the slow working speed of the application software.

3. Failing to conduct any financial transaction time and again despite multiple attempts.

Get An Easy Solution For The Error Code TD 500

Step-1: Open the application program software QuickBooks.

Step-2: Tap the F2 button present on the keyboard.

Step-3: Now shut the application software QuickBooks.

Step-4: Click on the Start button.

Step-5: Select ‘Control Panel’ with a click.

Step-6: Choose the ‘Programs & Features’ tab from the screen.

Step-7: Now Select the icon of ‘Uninstall a Program’.

Step-8: Choose QuickBooks.

Step-9: Select the Uninstall icon.

Step-10: Select ‘ok’.

Step-11: Download the application software QuickBooks.

Step-12: Install the File.

If the error code reappears on reinstalling the accounting software then connect with the team of QuickBooks integration service. The team provides an easy and effective solution to the users of accounting software QuickBooks at any time of need.

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QuickBooks Error H202

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The accounting software QuickBooks is considered as the best among all the other accounting software. Users of the accounting software are entitled to multiple benefits that are not available in other software meant for financial and accounting services. However, the software is prone to technical glitches both of internal and external forms. The QuickBooks error code H202 usually occurs due to a lack of proper communication between the workstation and the computer with the concerned file. To understand better about the error we have to learn about the QuickBooks Integration Service. The files of the company are stored on a single computer when multiple numbers of users work on the accounting software. This computer is referred to as the server computer. The other computers that don’t have the stored files on it and use it by accessing the files from the server computer are called workstations. Sometimes while accessing the files workstations fail to communicate and access from the server causing the QuickBooks error code H202 to occur. If a user uninstalls the software to eliminate the error code than one may use QuickBooks install serviceThe feature of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery ensures zero loss of data during the reinstallation of the accounting software. Let us learn the common causes and easy solution to error H202.

Common Causes of QuickBooks error code H202

  • The hosting configuration settings of the accounting software are not correct causing inconvenience in accessing the files.
  • The firewall of the server computer can also cause the error code to occur by interfering in the communication between the server and the workstations.
  • There may be issues with the DNS server of the system device.
  • The accounting software on failing to access the internet protocol (IP) address of the server device can also lead to the occurrence of QuickBooks error code H202. 
  • The file that the workstation is trying to access from the server may have got recently corrupted causing issues in accessing the file.

Easy Solution to QuickBooks error code H202

Rename .TLG & .ND File

  • Close the accounting software on all the system devices or workstations.
  • Now perform the following steps on the server system device.
  • Open the file that the work station wants to access.
  • Now go to the .TLG files associated with this file.
  • Use right-click to select the .TLG file.
  • A list of options in Pop-up will appear.
  • Choose the option of Rename.
  • Add the prefix OLD to the file.
  • Save the file name.
  • Now go to the .Nd file.
  • Again use right-click to select the .ND file.
  • Select the option of Rename from the pop-up menu.
  • Use Old as a prefix to the name.

Open the company files that were displaying errors to check if the error code is resolved. Use QuickBooks Integration Service if the issue does not get resolved. The feature of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery keeps all the data safe and secured during the technical glitches. So users of QuickBooks need not worry about data when faced with error codes on the software.

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Avail Integrated Health Insurance Options with QuickBooks Online Payroll

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The medium to small scale businesses can facilitate medical benefits to the employees using QuickBooks online payroll. Previously this had been a cumbersome task, now thanks to the newest features of online payroll companies can accomplish this feat right within QuickBooks. By giving medical compensation and benefits to the employees, the small scale businesses can extend their goodwill towards their team and support staff and maintain a cordial, professional atmosphere.

These medical benefits include dental and vision benefits. The company can connect the employees with affordable benefits directly from QuickBooks. It has become a fast and easy, economical method to provide insurance plans. It helps the companies to attract top skilled professionals and assist in retaining them.

Positive response by the employees

The statistics claim that one in every 12 employee gets paid via QuickBooks payroll in the United States. A massive figure of 184 billion US dollars is processed as payroll payments annually. A study suggests that over 70% of small scale companies with 50 workers provide their employees with some health benefits. More than two-thirds of the employees that get the medical benefits via QuickBooks are happy with the additional benefits. Some of the small scale companies who got asked why they didn’t offer medical benefits to their employees replied that they had no idea how much this scheme would cost them.

Integration and solution 

QuickBooks online payroll insurance is fueled by SimplyInsured, which is a platform that assists the small scale companies to compare and buy the medical, vision, and dental insurance plans for the employees. It will now be easy to find the ideal plan. The employers can view the plans comparatively to see which one suits their budget and business model. They can also administer business details such as health insurance benefits and payroll. The business appeal can be boosted in this manner as the employer and employee can have good professional relations.

Some additional features come with the QuickBooks online payroll such as automatic benefit deduction calculation. The businesses can see instant quotes based on the zip code from SimplyInsured. There is dedicated customer support that can help the business owners to take necessary steps to manage the payroll system efficiently. The customer support team can assist the business owners in deciding which insurance plans are best for their business model and budget. This feature has indeed taken the use of QuickBooks to the next level.

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