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Voiding a check in QuickBooks is not much of a difficult task, first you need to click on the check number or entry you want to void to completely select it. After that you have to click on Edit and then go to Void Check. Click on the Yes button when prompted with a message asking if you want to void the respective check in the current period. This updates the journal of your company with the date you are voiding the check on, and changes the amount of the check to zero. You can refer to the

Voiding a payment in QuickBooks is not much of a difficult task, at the very first you require to Open the payment, after that go to the menu of the Customers and click on Receive Payments. You need to note that if you are using the receipts of the sales, go to menu of the customers and click on Enter Sales Receipts. Then you need to go to the Reports tab and click Payment Receipt of the Processed. Finally, click on Void then save all the changes. You can refer to the complete solution guide available on our website, plus you can dial our