QuickBooks Error H202


QuickBooks Error H202

Quickbooks install service

The accounting software QuickBooks is considered as the best among all the other accounting software. Users of the accounting software are entitled to multiple benefits that are not available in other software meant for financial and accounting services. However, the software is prone to technical glitches both of internal and external forms. The QuickBooks error code H202 usually occurs due to a lack of proper communication between the workstation and the computer with the concerned file. To understand better about the error we have to learn about the QuickBooks Integration Service. The files of the company are stored on a single computer when multiple numbers of users work on the accounting software. This computer is referred to as the server computer. The other computers that don’t have the stored files on it and use it by accessing the files from the server computer are called workstations. Sometimes while accessing the files workstations fail to communicate and access from the server causing the QuickBooks error code H202 to occur. If a user uninstalls the software to eliminate the error code than one may use QuickBooks install serviceThe feature of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery ensures zero loss of data during the reinstallation of the accounting software. Let us learn the common causes and easy solution to error H202.

Common Causes of QuickBooks error code H202

  • The hosting configuration settings of the accounting software are not correct causing inconvenience in accessing the files.
  • The firewall of the server computer can also cause the error code to occur by interfering in the communication between the server and the workstations.
  • There may be issues with the DNS server of the system device.
  • The accounting software on failing to access the internet protocol (IP) address of the server device can also lead to the occurrence of QuickBooks error code H202. 
  • The file that the workstation is trying to access from the server may have got recently corrupted causing issues in accessing the file.

Easy Solution to QuickBooks error code H202

Rename .TLG & .ND File

  • Close the accounting software on all the system devices or workstations.
  • Now perform the following steps on the server system device.
  • Open the file that the work station wants to access.
  • Now go to the .TLG files associated with this file.
  • Use right-click to select the .TLG file.
  • A list of options in Pop-up will appear.
  • Choose the option of Rename.
  • Add the prefix OLD to the file.
  • Save the file name.
  • Now go to the .Nd file.
  • Again use right-click to select the .ND file.
  • Select the option of Rename from the pop-up menu.
  • Use Old as a prefix to the name.

Open the company files that were displaying errors to check if the error code is resolved. Use QuickBooks Integration Service if the issue does not get resolved. The feature of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery keeps all the data safe and secured during the technical glitches. So users of QuickBooks need not worry about data when faced with error codes on the software.

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