How to Resolve QuickBooks error code 12029?

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Medium-sized business organizations prefer to invest in the multiuser setup of the accounting software QuickBooks. The major working components of a multi-user setup is the presence of a server and workstations. All the important files and the documents are kept in the main computer termed as the server. This device is controlled by the administrator of the accounting software. While the rest of the users works on different computers called the workstation. The workstation accesses the server for different files and documents. The error code 12029 occurs when the workstation fails to access the server. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting furthermore allows the users to keep various files and documents on the Cloud and access it from anywhere on the globe. The error code 12029 is a part of the 12000 series error and usually occurs due to internal technical glitches. A user can easily resolve this error code with a few steps of implementation. On facing any sort of confusion while resolving the error code users can seek instant help from the team of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The team of enterprise solutions or QuickBooks Payroll Assistance ensures to give an easy and effective solution for the diverse error codes occurring in the accounting software. Read this blog to learn the common causes and easy solution for the error code 12029 of the accounting software.

Common Causes of the QuickBooks error code 12029 

  1. The firewall services of the system device have incorrectly blocked the access of the device with the server.
  2. The internet security software program is blocking the channel of communication between the server and the workstation.
  3. The SSL settings of the device is incorrect causing one of the 12000 series error to occur in the device.
  4. Slow speed of internet connection causing issues in the working of the accounting software on the workstation.
  5. Issues or errors in the network connectivity of the accounting software.
  6. The payroll section of the accounting software has not been updated.

Different forms of QuickBooks error code 12029

As the error code 12029 is a part of the 12000 series error so it can be displayed in multiple ways over the screen of the users. Whatever be the form of the displayed message the user should always focus on the specific error code while seeking solutions online or through the team of the QuickBooks Payroll Assistance. The different forms of the error code 12029 are as follows.

  1. Service message error 12029.
  2. Payroll update error 12029.
  3. Desktop update error 12029.
  4. Payroll error 12029.

Easy Solution to the QuickBooks error code 12029

Step-1: Switch off the internet router.

Step-2: Unplug the power supply cable.

Step-3: Wait for 2 minutes.

Step-4: Now reconnect the power supply of the router.

Step-5: Switch on the power supply.

Step-6: Connect the device with the internet network

Step-7: Open the accounting software.

Step-8: Now try to access the file from the server.

Connect with the team of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions if the error code is still displayed on the screen of the device.

Cachi Rim is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about QuickBooks Products and Services. He writes about the latest updates regarding Quickbooks accounting servicesQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.



What’s new in QuickBooks Online: March 2020

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The popular accounting software has released its latest version in the market for the customers. The latest version of the accounting service has several new and exciting features for the users. There were various issues in the older version of the accounting software that needed to be addressed. Particularly the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery portion has been eliminated from various bugs that caused issues while working on the accounting software. The new version of the software promises with more effective QuickBooks Integration Service than its predecessors. Let us have a look at the refreshing new features offered with the latest edition. It will also be interesting to understand the impact of these features.

Check Cash flow on the Software 

Forget the tough calculation needed to realize the flow of cash of the business into the accounting software. The new version offers you to access the forecasting tool using which you can predict the flow of cash in the business organization for up to 3 months at a time. The cash flow tool also comes with the features using which a user can set aside amounts meant for fixed transactions such as the payment of salaries or the rent of the workspace including the taxes.

Get Bills attached in Receipt tab

The older version often led to confusion about the type of expense and the original receipt of the bills. The latest version offers the users to upload the bill and categorize it properly avoiding any sorts of confusion among the managing committee of the business. Moreover, a user can easily create payroll for new employees using the option of Payroll Only. This facilitates the easy management of the clients and the employees of the business organization. This leads to improved QuickBooks Integration Service for the organization. 

More Functions to Manage Bills

 Easy management of bills is always preferable to business organizations. Creating and editing multiple bills is now possible in the latest version with just a few clicks. This ensures easy forecasting of the financial condition of the business. Accountants can now easily copy and paste data from the usual spreadsheet which was not possible on the earlier version of the acing software.

Easy Import of Budget

The accounting software has always been popular for the smooth development of the budget. However, various business organizations rely on specific software application programs meant for the development of the budget. The latest version of the software takes this into consideration and so allows the user to simply upload the file instead of copying each and every line of data from the older version. This saves both the time and resources of the business organization. You can also use the uploaded file in any format to suit the bills and reports of the business organization. 

The security of data is also enhanced along with the services of the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery portion of the software. Hence, users should invest in the latest version of the accounting software.

Cachi Rim is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about QuickBooks Products and Services. He writes about the latest updates regarding Quickbooks accounting servicesQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


How QuickBooks Accounting Services is Vital to Business Growth?

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Running a small or medium-sized business smoothly requires a lot of dedication and smart decisions. It is necessary to use the latest technology to reach the zenith of success for a business organization. Utilizing QuickBooks accounting service may seem to appear a dear investment but it comes brings huge returns to the business. The advantages of the software are diverse and can be used by different kinds of organizations to build a better business. The software comes with an efficient team of QuickBooks help services to resolve error codes that may occur in the software. Let us understand how QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions are vital to the efficient and smooth success of a business organization.

Easy Access of Accounts  

With the technology of web or by utilizing hosting on Clouds you have the freedom to access your accounts from anywhere. This is vital to keep an easy track of transactions. Your necessary tasks can be finished from any point on the globe. So you can now go on holiday or travel across without having to worry about the track of business records.


The different versions of the accounting software are suitable for different operating platforms and different devices. You can access the software even by using your smartphone or a tablet. This enables you from missing any important activity needed at any urgent hour of the clock. Thus QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can always stay with you to perform any activity related to accounting.

Diverse Functions 

Utilizing QuickBooks accounting service enables a business to perform multiple tasks at a single platform. Real-time tracking of debit and credit, getting information on transactions from the banks and many other features makes it indispensable to business organizations. 

Payroll Management

Management of Payroll activities is a huge task for any business organization. The situation is more difficult for medium and large scale business organization. A small error often creates a loss to the owner or too much confusion among the employees. The payroll services of the accounting software effectively manage all your tasks of payments to the clients including the payment of taxes as well.

Management of Reports

It is essential for a business organization to keep a track of records of different activities. The accounting software allows the user to generate multiple business reports quickly and accurately. So the management staff does not have to wait for the quarterly reports to judge the growth of the business. The reports developed in the accounting software can be easily customized to focus on relatively important parameters.

Hence it can be concluded that QuickBooks accounting service is a vital investment for the growth of a business. The software makes the tasks of accounting smooth and easy for the users. At times the software may suffer from minor technical glitches and issues causing inconvenience to the user. At such times the QuickBooks help services can be easily connected to resolve the issues quickly. The services from the customer care team can be obtained via calls, emails, and live-chats.   


Cachi Rim is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about QuickBooks Products and Services. He writes about the latest updates regarding Quickbooks accounting servicesQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro

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Did you buy a new version of QuickBooks and try to upgrade your file only to run into the error “You are not able to open a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions file with a non-Enterprise product”? Our conversion method can solve for you and will convert your QBES file to pro without any loss of information. We can access the file directly so we are not restricted in what data can be converted unlike some other corporations may try to copy the data to a new file using the QuickBooks SDK which does not allow access to all areas of the file.

Our Enterprise to Pro downgrade service is guaranteed to convert 100% of the data file including all Payroll and service subscriptions that you may have with Intuit QuickBooks. We also minimize the downtime and work within your business schedule by converting your files on holidays or weekends.

quickbooks enterprise support

Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro

  • All versions of QuickBooks Enterprise Assistance are sustained from Enterprise 1 through the current 2019 with 100% of the data transformed including payroll and service subscriptions.
  • Our method will convert the QBES file to pro of the same or higher version. For example, Enterprise 5 can be converted to QB Pro-2005 or any version after that such as QB 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019.
  • Our conversion process has a standard 6 hours same day turnaround time and you never need to make an appointment.
  • The fee for the conversion is a low flat rate fee of $225 per company data file.
  • If the number of list records in your file does not exceed more than 14,500 invoice items or 10,000 records in any of the other list types (accounts, customers, classes, vendors, job types, etc.) then QuickBooks Pro can provide the same needed features as QBES at a much more economical price.
  •  2005 C-Index format of QuickBooks if needed. Some limitations and additional fees apply to downgrading to a prior year’s version.

Upon completion of the data conversion service request, you will automatically be logged into your account on QuickBooks Repair where you can upload your file to our secure server. After receiving your file we convert it to the pro format and return it using the same file upload account as a portable QuickBooks company file.

You download the portable file and then use the restore feature in QuickBooks to restore the file onto your device.

We give a discount for multiple files that are being converted at the same time.. The discount is automatically applied during the order process and we don’t charge extra for large files like some other companies.

Contact Us at QuickBooks Customer Support Team for more help If you would like to discuss a different type of conversion or would like more information like NetSuite or any other accounting software to QuickBooks, just send an email to us or call us at our toll free number to QuickBooks Support and we will get back to you as soon as we can.